mercredi 23 juin 2010

updates & recommandations (june-23-10)

my picks and rccommandation of the week :

Some digital dub & duby techno mixes by David Twomey :
the mariana dub sessions
listen & download :


bleupulp live pa @ chyz (2007)
listen & download:

direct mp3 DL


pertin-nce is now on bandcamp - here's the available releases

<a href="">colloidal by pertin-nce</a>


<a href="">foward we go by pertin-nce</a>


<a href="">panta-v2 by pertin-nce</a>


exp053 - clem leek - snow tales (ambient)

"Recorded and written in two days whilst the snow was falling outside my house. Each track, even though bundled in an E P is its own seperate entity and relates to different times of the day, different snowy weather conditions and consequently different emotion.

<a href="">Snow Tale #1 by Clem leek</a>

download on :


there are also some updates on the pertin-nce web site
please check out

peace out!!

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