vendredi 16 novembre 2012

november update. new releases + very cool music
label : various and uneasy (pertin-nce)
[vau014] mike north - vol.014
sounds like : experimental electronic

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(((dub techno, minimal, duby house)))
[pertin_48] bleupulp - kote ordinatè mwen by bleupulp

[pertin_48] bleupulp - kote ordinatè mwen cover art

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 (((deep techno)))
[pertin_011012] bleupulp - 2011​-​2012 by bleupulp
[pertin_011012] bleupulp - 2011-2012 cover art

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(((ambient, electronic, down beat)))
filtre naturel by arbee

filtre naturel cover art


(((deep house)) 
Every Dog Has It's Day  verdant-recordings

(((duby, house, tech, ambient, chill))) 
Podcast-057 - Fingers In The Noise - Set 4 don't think 3 deepindub


(((dub tech, techno, house, dubstep)))
 KRUI DJ Set – 2012/10/20 by chaircrusher

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(((hard techno)))
Pacou live @ club Orosco Miranda de Ebro Burgos Spain 22-may-2010

 (((minimal house, techno, groovy)))
 Will Mari - Minimal For Lonely People

track listing  :
 Slums - Martin Schulte
Wheres My Dongle - Sean Palm
Alpha Phase - Evan Marc & Eric Downer
The Student Hairstyle - Nicolas Jaar
Trust - Audio Werner
Loop Around - Lemos & Kreon
Cocktail Juice - Doudou Malicious
Underwater - Sonoteque
Eftive - Dewalta
Childhoods End - Pele
Grune Raufaser - Pikaya
Breakdown - Kai
An Evening With Bobi Bros - Trentemoller

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(((ambient, drone)))
[pertin_001] aidan baker - still my heart beats

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