mercredi 21 janvier 2015

[pertin-nce_053] + other music + dj mixes

here is the first pertin-nce release of the year + other music i like to listen to these days.
[pertin-nce_053] dom dumoulin & bleupulp - jan.16.2015
(dub techno, minimal, house) *free* ep

stream & free download :

Variations Verdâtres by Arbee
(ambient, downbeats, electronic) *$* lp

Dream Assembly by Dream Assembly
(deep, dub techno house, moody) *free* lp

 Zone EP by Zoltan Solomon
(dub techno, dark) *$* ep

Daoust - Hushlamb Free Range Show #45
(minimal, micro house) dj mix

ianpooley Dezember 2014 Mix
(house, deep, tech) dj mix

extra links :

mercredi 7 janvier 2015

done with 2014

Better late than never. Here is some releases i wanted to post to wrap up 2014... Enjoy!

[pertin-nce_052] untethered - dispatching beacons
(techno, minimal, space traveling)

stream & free download on

*now free*
(minimal, experimental, techno, house)


(electronic, ambient, minimal, experimental, deep, moody)

buy on bandcamp
free on archive


(techno, house, minimal, trippy)

buy on bandcamp
free on archive

**more bleepsequence action**

(dub, techno, minimal, deep, experimental)

(minimal, techno, house, electronic, etc)
(minimal, house, deep, electronic)

(dub ambient, downbeats, dub techno)
**various dj mixes**

(minimal, house, techno, electronic)

(techno, dub tech, berlin, etc)

(house, techno, dub tech)  

the end!

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