vendredi 27 août 2010

(pertin-nce show vol.15) + (Kulturbeutel vol.1)

pertin-nce show vol.05
various artists layered by Bleupulp
sounds like, dub, ambient. experimental, crossover, techno, electronic n' stuff...

track listing:

01- augustus pablo - east man sound
02- slicer - croci
03- augustus pablo - cool shade dub
04- slicer - fiori
05- black uhuru - natural reggae beat
06- darren mclure - elements
07- ravi prassad & z quartet - hang cordes
08- ravi prassad & z quartet - nilgiris
09- kate carr - troubled waters
10- recue - come away with me
11- kuss - submerge
12- kuss - paradolia
13- maxime tanguay - the time we spent
14- maxime tanguay - the sounds the passions
15- meriol lehmann - kollaborator
16- mount kimbie - blind night errand
17- christian prommer - distorted rudiments
18- fm3 - bm206
19- fm3 - bm205
20- N - the house on the hill
21- sven laux - mud down (cofee boy feat. vocal matador remix)
22- dead beat & fenin - romeo kalimba
23- brendon moeller - changes
24- dark star - aidy's girl is a computer (kyle hall remix)
25- deepchord - vantage island (dc mix 2)
26- r.audiard - fundaments (dawson baker's nightowl rework)
27- emmanuel buchanan - moody alert
28- graffiti mechanism - easy on the eyes
29- graffiti mechanism - natasha
30- fast - sixteen senses
31- ??? - meadow
32- octex - stadmitte jam (u2-u6)
33- io media - 1-03 3
34- ocp - spacy

download & stream on PERCUSSION LAB

or enjoy the mixcloud player


Kulturbeutel vol.1

Also my friend Sandro Paech (aka Elektrosandy) made a shortfilm about (sub)culture and art, about musicians and artists in Stuttgart for a TV channel for hospitals. Its in german but its still worth watching!

Have a nice weekend!

jeudi 26 août 2010

new releases + reccomandations (aug-26-2010)

Yo! Here is the new music out on pertin-nce plus the good releases and stuff that deserve to be checked out!

Starting up with a fresh new dubby house EP by Anonymous

[PERTIN-NCE_033] !!

cat number : pertin-nce_033
artist : anonymous
release title : first stap

track listing :
01_ la mufis
02_ theoretically yes

sounds like : duby house, minimalism

download 320kps .zip at :

or for stream, .wav and other formats check :


[VAU006] !!

label : pertin_nce
cat. number : vau006
artists : various (dubloop / maxime tanguay)
title : various and uneasy vol.06

track listing :
1- dubloop - those
2- dubloop - head spin
3- maxime tanguay - the time we spent v2

sounds like : techno, digital dub, ambient, dark

download & stream (v/a formats) :



stay abstract [dj mix]

stay abstract [dj mix] by clmntl

track listing:

Hemiptera - Intro
$16 Million Man - Slutz
Hemiptera – Hymn for Heathens
A. Mochi – Freedom
Akiko Kiyama – Small in body but short in wit
Bruce Logan – Compare Yourself
Archelypse – Tony’s Got the Brown One
Arai & Tokui – Source
The Advent – Strike It
Tim Querengaesser – Like That
Aoki & Sawai – 4tech with PK
Andy Vaz – Untitled 1-1.3
The Advent – B.4
Miguel Tutera – Momentos
Hemmann & Kaden - Tanz der Polymere
Marcus Muenhardt - Groove Ride
Miguel Tutera - Desorden de Andiedad
Dario Zenker - Zwetschgendetlef
Marcoerre – Your divine side
Folga Fiden – Ilsa
Yoshiki – Maybe in December
Yapaac – Take This Way
Volker Dornhagen – Agent Michaela
Warren Fellow – Subway
Victor Lovers – Microton (Alex Smoke’s Micro Tron Gate Remix)
Sebastian Russell – Stay Abstract (vocal sample)
Thomas Heckmann – Moondance
The Suffragettes – Ukin
The Mole – Acadian
Sam and Dave Lowran – Tourne Moi
Ryuji Takeuchi – Nobushi 2

soundcloud link :


Hemiptera on Insectorama

  • insectorama presents the new ep from the US/Canadian duo Yanni Ehm and Jennifer Clemente as hemiptera.
    this sound is not from this world.this is sound sculpture with minimal techno dance rhythms in a very dark atmosphere construct.
    " Hemiptera, Jennifer Clemente and Yanni Ehm incorporate thousands of microscopic sounds into expansive, teeming environments. Gradually modulating mid-range beats shape a modest bed for mutated wood-block pops, spectral synthesizer wisps and lingering high-end pings.
Check out and download RIGHT HERE

"Into the Gyre" by hemiptera


[PERTIN_026] ICI.EME - CHICKS AND CHICKS now on bandcamp

buy & listen :

<a href="">chick no love by pertin-nce</a>


You might know this band but i just discovered it and i REALLY love their sound

Mount Kimbie

Here is two of their relases that i enjoy..

Crooks & lovers (lp)

Buy on

Maybes (ep)

Buy on

Mount Kimbie by subraw


An interesting compilation featuring various Quebec city's artists now available for free :

Listen and download : RIGHT HERE


Next pertin-nce & various and uneasy releases to come :

[pertin_40] Emmanuel Buchanan - mixed feelings (ep)
[pertin-nce_034] The Secret Whisle - self titled (ep)
[pertin-nce_035] Electrosandy - hegen und plegen (ep)
[vau007] Graffiti Mechanism - this_that (ep)

Other artists to come : Naw, R.Audiard, Kate Carr, DR. Groovemaker, Hemiptera & more...

Stay tuned on