mardi 26 janvier 2010

[pertin-nce_030] earth incubator - flight to the sun

cat : pertin-nce_030
artist : earth incubator
title : flight to the sun

track listing :
1- flight to the sun
2- flight to the sun (ici.eme version)

sounds like : experimental, ambient, drone

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HELP pertin-nce's family in HAITI

if you didn't know haiti had a huge earthquake jan-12-2010, a large area of the country is pretty destroyed...

ok so lots of people in my wife's family live
in haiti, not that far from port-au-prince, hopefully none of them died in the earthquake
but one house has been destroyed, and other houses & various damages have occured, some of them have no food, others are already working on building back and other tasks... for now its a big mess in haiti and the trouble has just begun... more info will come soon. is planning a new release for haitian charity purpose.

for now if you wanna support pertin-nce & its haitian family please consider a donation and don't worry pertin-nce won't be cheap in return!

all donations will go to my haitian family and will serve for good use (for the basic needs only)

i thank you in advance!
maxime tanguay ( owner)

you can make a paypal donation to : bleupulp(at)hotmail(dot)com