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pertin-nce new releases + other suggestions

label : pertin-nce
cat. number : pertin_44
artist : maxime tanguay
title : 90 thoughts at once
track listing :
1- 90-v1
2- 90-v2
3- 90-v3
4- 90-v4
5- 90-v5
6- 90-v6

sounds like : deep, duby, moody, experimental, chillout, digital dub, slow beats, ambient

out on beatport & bandcamp


[pertin_42.5] axel helios - 3 days ago (the remixes)

label : pertin-nce
cat. number : pertin_42.5
artist : axel helios
release title : 3 days ago (the remixes)
track listing :
1- posage de lapin
2- numero38 (gthm remix)
3- numero36 (bleupulp remix)

sounds like : electro, broken beats, ambient, experimental

free .zip 320kps mp3

for .vbr, .wav, stream & other formats
check :

(dj mix / house, funky, tech)

Elektrosandy Livemix 270811

Elektrosandy Livemix 270811 by Elektrosandy


1. Nick Solé - Contigo (Mojuba)
2. Soulphiction - Some things remain (Philpot)
3. Ron Deacon feat. The Kat - Secret Garden / Lowtec Remix (Farside)
4. Kez YM – Dull Me (Yore)
5. IKE - Throwbackmusic '94 (Philpot)
6. Hercules & Love Affair - My House (Moshi Moshi)
7. Cottam - Work it (Quintessentials)
8. Kelli Hand - Through the park (Third Ear)
9. Nick Höppner - A Peck and a Pawn (Ostgut Ton)
10. Roman Rauch - Dirty Haze (Philpot)
11. Eva Be - New Crack (Best Works)
12. Simoncino - Beat the street (Mathematics)
13. Jimmy "Bo" Horne - Spank (TK Disco)
14. Arpadys - Monkey Star / Edit (Amplified)
15. Legowelt - Backwood Fantasies (L.I.E.S.)
16. Kink & Neville Watson - City 2 City (Snuff Trax)
17. T.Trax - Project Piano (Clone)
18. Marco Passarani - Good Split (Running Back)
19. Oliver Cheatham - Get down saturday night (MCA)


(dj mix / deep, techno)

Plat Du Jour by verdant-recordings

Plat Du Jour by verdant-recordings

Plat Du Jour

A large helping of delicious, deeply flavoured techno vibes :P

Carlos Nilmmns /Orchid (Ornaments)
Stereociti /Expanse (Mojuba)
Conforce /Vacuum (Delsin)
Luke Hess /Sacred (FXHE)
Substance /Emerge (Scion Versions)
Mike Parker /Amalgamate [synchronous mix] (Geophone)
Exos /Survivor (Thule Records)
Uusitalo /Odottava Peto (Huume)
Deepchord /Hashbar Remnant (Soma Quality Recordings)
J Zeiter /Motion Sickness (MCMLXV)
Toni Lionni /Protection (Wave)
Anonym /Spec Huis (Sushitech)
Chez Damier & Stacy Pullen /Forever Monna (Mix 1) (Balance)
Delano Smith /Change is Coming (Sushitech)
Steven Tang /Verged (Aesthetic Audio)
Reel By Real /Switchback (a.r.t.less)
Carlos Nilmmns /Subculture (Ornaments)
Carl Craig /Sandstorms [C2 2011 Version] (Planet E)
Technics/Denon CDJ/ DJM 600 and some Tempranillo


(LP / ambient, deep, downtempo, electronic)

A great QC local artist that i discovered recently.



(free EP / minimal, techno, house, glitch)

[blpsq016] Hemiptera - Reptile Dysfunction

track listing + free DL

11th Hour 11
Chaotic Nodes
Reptile Dysfunction
Reptile Dysfunction (Enki's Enlil Watch Your Back Remix)
Reptile Dysfunction (Revy's Unraveled Remix)
Chaotic Nodes (Bleupulp Dub)
Chaotic Nodes (Piltdown Sound Reduction)

Download Complete Release:
320 kbps mp3 - archive - sonicsquirrel
lossless flac (remixes only) - archive

Stream - archive - sonicsquirrel


(free EP / minimal, techno, house, deep, electronic)

[miniatura055] Storlon - Continumm Errors

[item image]

02-Storlon-La Garde
03-Storlon-La Garde (Andrés Marcos Remix)
04-Storlon-Red Clock Pulsatilla
05-Storlon-Red Clock Pulsatilla (Lil´ Piggy Loufoque Remix)
06-Storlon-La Camera D´Aria
07-Storlon-La Camera D´Aria (Egho Remix)

free download & stream on


(LP / ambient, electronic)

Falls by Darren Harper

Falls Cover Art

(12'' EP / house, funky, tech)

[SUPPLY-001] B-Tracks - Specialize

@playlist artwork

[SUPPLY-001] B-Tracks - Specialize (Previews) by Supply Records

Stamped 12" only. Buy on one of these store :


(EP x 2 / electronic, deep, ambient, glitch, minimalism)

CCCLTD.CA new releases :

Guachafita EP by Myniciush

Guachafita EP Cover Art


Enjoy the Future You by Sul.a

Enjoy the Future You Cover Art

check out CCCLTD.CA


hope you enjoy!

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