mercredi 10 février 2010

[pertin_38] hemiptera - nola head crack

(release info by hemiptera)
This EP for Pertin-nce captures our perceptions of New Orleans in
September 2007 right after the city just missed being hit by another
hurricane. We did not attempt to sample any cafe scenes,
jazz parades or other native soundscapes --
but we attempted to re-create some of these experiences
ala Hemiptera style in five separate tracks,
including Yanni's freak accident in the French Quarter.

(basic details)
label : pertin_nce
cat number : pertin_38
artist : hemiptera
release title : nola head crack
track listing :

1- Blowin through
2- ilixr
3- Crackdown
4- pas des beignets
5- Plessytone

sounds like : techno, minimal, drums drums drums, weird

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